Penny Power: Buy One Game, Get One For A Penny

Remember when movies were 25 cents? When candy was a nickel? Back in the good old days when the penny still had power. Here at Play N Trade we’ve been feeling sorry for the penny. Gone the way of Pluto, it lays unappreciated and forgotten beneath your sofa cushions. In an attempt to boost the penny’s moral, this April at Play N Trade is Penny Power Month. We’re giving you a reason to remember those pennies of yours with “Buy One Game, Get One For A Penny”.

So go search the very bottom of your purse, the corner crease of your couch, and back beneath your car seats for all those lost pennies. Then bring them to your local Play N Trade where their life’s purpose can finally be fulfilled!

Some stores are even giving away pennies just in case you can’t find any of your own! But only some stores so get into your local PNT and find out about all their latest deals. April is the month we bring the Penny back! It’s Penny Power Time!

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